oldskool, depending how how fast you want to buy a camera i would place money that the next generation of the G11 (G12), will do video. they went from the G10-G11 pretty fast, as the new processor came out that is currently used in the G11 the G11 uses which is the Digic 4 processor.. the 5D MKII, and the 50D, were the first 2 SLR bodies to have the latest version of the Digic 4 processor, those cameras do HD video, so i would imagine when they update the G11 line, they will get the updated processor as well, and probably a new sensor as well the 5D went from a 12mp to a 21.1mp . I "think" that canon updates their line in November? you would have to look that one up... you can get a small flash, you don't NEED a large flash, BUT keep in mind just about any off camera flash will EASILY out perform a flash in almost all point and shoot bodies. you can get a small canon flash, or if you choose you can get an aftermarket flash. Also keep in mind, you can pick up used camera gear pretty easy, and often times it's in Very good condition, there are people in the photography hobby who have LARGE amounts of money, and upgrade EVERY time something new comes out.

i would recommend getting a small backpack for whatever camera you do choose to get, so you can keep all your camera stuff together while camping.

At the point your at now, i would also recommend that you find a good local camera shop or 2 and go hold some of the cameras, and like michael recommended. Also personally i would not consider a camera that didn't shoot in RAW.

until you know a decent amount i would find a local camera shop that you can trust, so you can learn from them, When i lived in HI i bought everything from Kamiki camera, Neal the owner was a super cool dude, and like many small shop owners liked to shoot the shit, and teach new people about the hobby, so i had no problem giving him my business. As it turns out due to living in HI i would not have saved any money by ordering online anyhow, as shipping would have killed any savings, and Neal didn't mark his product up that much anyhow, due to his high volume, that comes from being the only decent camera shop on the island.