I'm working with a small (10x12) brick room for my HT. Because I don't have a lot of extra floor space and mounting into the walls will be difficult, I'm looking at Axiom for their extensive range of on-wall speaker options.

It looks like the M22 is the choice for on-wall installs. I'm also thinking of the M2s for front highs and surround speakers (using a dipole in the room is going to be a non-starter due to the shape of the room). This will be driven by an Onkyo TX-NR807 which will likely be replaced with an NR1008 fairly soon. This environment will be exclusively used for HT so music performance isn't a concern.

What I'm wondering is which center channel to look at. The VP100 utilizes the same drivers as the M22s in an MTM configuration, while the VP150 uses 3 of the same mids along with a pair of tweets. I'm looking to maximize timbre matching across the front stage between L/C/R. I'm not really looking for SPL and the room is small enough that whatever I select will be loud enough.

My thinking is that the VP100 will be a better match for the M22s, and I don't have a large enough room to require the output of a VP150.

Is this true? Is there any advantage of going with the VP150 in my case?