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Agreed. I think 7.1 in that small a room is overkill, but if you're set on it, I still think using the QS8's would still work in your surround positions.

Nice mspaint, btw smile I like pichers.

If 7.1 is overkill I don't suppose I should mention that I'm actually going for a 9.1 setup with M2s as front highs (no room for wides).

You guys almost have me talked into the dipoles. Is there any reason for the QS8s vs. the QS4s? It seems crazy to spend more on my surrounds than the fronts.

I'm going with on-walls all around due to both size and aesthetic reasons. While I appreciate that floorstanding or bookshelves might be better sounding options, I already have an array of giant black towers that this setup is replacing entirely due to aesthetic reasons. I'd blame it on the wife but it's more my idea - I want the room to look great and sound good, and the on-walls are simply a better fit.

Finally, back to the original question - any consensus on the center channel? I get the impression that folks on this forum aren't to hip to center channel speakers in general.