Most member here believe a vertical speaker like M2/3/22 will provide a better option over the VP serie. I dont think that way. I had the chance to talk with JC about this "septical" theory provide from some member. And he was not very convinced about that idea. Well, what a center speaker is design for ... to be a center !?
I know THX will favored all 3 same speaker as front L/C/R.
But from my own experience, i have try the M3 over my VP150, and it was definitely not a good experience. The VP150 was way more superior in every aspect.

All i want say is that you should call Axiom about all this, and they will guide you in the good way i am sure.
Everyone here have good experience about HT but it still personal experience (i guess).

M22 and VP150 on wall would probably the best to go. My 2 cents wink

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