here's a comment by the person who made the test, it can be seen at the end of the test posted above this one.

"2) I think the main thing to keep in mind is that MCACC and Audyssey are designed very differently. Where Audyssey MultiEQ (what I typically use) will take multiple measurement locations to try to correct for a wide variety of locations, MCACC only tried to correct for a single location in the room, which might be at the expense of other locations. Talking to Pioneer they thought that most people would use a receiver such as this in this way (solo listening to music, or watching TV or film), and that they don't have the processor power to be able to do real time room correction for multiple seats at once right now (this could change in the future)."

the important thing here is when he says:"...which might be at the expense of other locations";
this is why i think the mike should be set at the listening position (middle of the head position); if not done this way, it could compromise the quality of the resulting sound.

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