room is 17w x 21Lx8H so around 2800sqft.
or 15w x 19L x 8h more like 7.5 H. plans are rough but those are the two sizes.Only thing with the wider room I will have a support post in the middle and just behind the main front seat. I can put two recliners on either side in the back on a riser so it will not interfer with viewing. Hopefully that is my projector will be placed in front and cieling mounted and 12 away. I am wanting a 120" screen. I may just say the hell ang go with a 70 LEd, just hate the ghostin crap

I want to know which would be the best setup and why. I want to spend no more than $4000 on subs. That said cheaper the better. So, here goes
2 x EP500 not sure where but on either the inside or outsides side of the frontsspeakers and just under the screen. I am about 11 / 12 ft away from the screen.

2 x SVS Plus 12 or 13's not sure yet at $1200 or $2000 each
or one EP 800 up front and centered

Pioneer sc-1525
M80 HG Cherry