Hi guys! My router at home has been giving me a few problems lately, mainly I can't connect to the internet or it boots me off. It's a Cisco Links WRT54G (I've had it for about 8 years now). I'm in the market for a new one. I have my Xbox 360 connected directly to it, then I have my PS3 and laptop that are connected to it wireless. I do play video games online.

I was needing some help to pick one out. My budget will just be south of $80-$90. Any help is appreciated!

Also, I do have one other question. I was wanting to hook my modem up downstairs to my A/V system. I also have Cox Cable. Can I use a two way splitter to hook that up, or do I have to have a dedicated line going outside to my cable box? Thanks again!

2 = M60,4 = QS8's,1 = VP150,1 = EP350,1 = EP500
Optoma HD70,110" DIY screen
Xbox360 & PS3