One other solution is to use some type of powerline ethernet adapters. The previous gen is so-so but it's much faster than noisy wifi. I've used Netgear ones for a few years with some success. Works better if they don't have to jump a transformer. I have single and quad port versions. I use the quad in my AV rack to support my Wii/Wii U, PS3, Tivo, Denon 3310, Slingbox, Roku, etc. You can also use these things to truly extend your Wifi. Use 2 of them and just think of them as a long CAT5 cable. This is opposed to a wifi repeater that does extend your wifi by repeating the signal. Bear in mind that in this case, wifi speeds are cut in half because repeating the signal puts you in half duplex mode.

There's the new versions which should ship this year. These take advantage of the 'theoretical' max of 1Gbps, real world is about 400Mbps taking overhead/attenuation into account.