all I know is with A B G nics run only 2.4 speeds up to 54mbs.
With the Xbox and my tv ( Netflicks Smart TV ) I have a N Nic to run on 5ghz.
When I had only the G router on 2.4ghz and all my appliances, net flicks would time out, gaming was gittery and so on.

I now have a router that does simu 2.4 and 5 ghz.
The gaming system and Smart TV is on 5ghz everything else runs on 2.4ghz. I do not have issues anymore. as everything is not competing for the same bandwidth on 2.4

It's almost like having two seperate networks on one friggin router.
Gaming, watching netflick movies and downloading movies, youtube video,take up bandwidth.
So if everything is on the same bandwidth then you going to share and compete. Divide them up

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