I have the 2014 Stingray in Gran Turismo (along with millions of my closest friends!) grin

In real life,

Cars 1st:
'85 4 door Honda Civic sedan (Cheap hand me down from my older brother)

'89 VW Corrado G60 (wish I still had this one!!!)

'95 Pontiac Sunfire (inherited with my wife, interpret as you wish wink )

'02 Pontiac Montana (babies started to sprout)

'02 Volvo V40 (Sunfire died and replaced)

'11 Volvo XC60 (Montana died and replaced)

'83 Yamaha DT125

'85 Kawasaki GPZ550 (leaked oil so bad I carried a liter at all times and wrapped my pant shins in saran to keep them clean)

'90 Kawasaki Ninja ZX1100R (1st professional salary)

'89 Yamaha DT200 (back to school full time salary adjustment - crashed this one away)

'87? Kawasaki KZ750 used and abused (still on student salary)

'98 Honda VFR800 (back to professional salary)

'05 Honda CB919 (current ride)

In/On Wall 500 w M2 Center Channel