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Honda is running a special on their standard warranty now as well. I simply had to register my mower online and received another 1 year of warranty.

Not bad, so now I've got a 6 year warranty on the mower, and a lifetime warranty on the Nextite deck.

Thanks for all of the recommendations and input. This is the first new mower I have ever purchased. My first one was free, and second I bought used for $60. I will be mowing in style now!

Driving yesterday I noticed a crew out cutting lawn. They were both using Honda push mowers that were rear discharge with bag attachment, and mulch capabilities. They were not bagging the grass but rather using the mulch. I was so impressed with the quality of the cut that I went to a Honda equipment dealer this morning and purchased a mower.

I didn't get any bag capabilities with mine. I just went for the side discharge and mulch. The more I thought of it I also didn't get self-propelled because it would limit what I could cut with the machine. I wouldn't have been able to cut my ditch, cistern and trimming around evergreens would be very difficult. The amount of cutting I do I am also hard on machines. For the Honda push mowers I also found the one with the bag was far too heavy. Secondly I already have a mower that I can bag grass with.

The build quality is fantastic, started with ease on the first pull. Very quiet. The mower folded up nicely onto itself and could even fit in the trunk of my car. The dealer also advised me to only use high octane gas and avoid buying from generic gas stations.

You are going to be a very happy camper with your mower. You have all the bells and whistles too.

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