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So here we are a year later and it's my turn to purchase a new mower.
My last mower finally quit on me after 23 years of service
(it was a Toro). Does any one know what the CR recommendations are for this years models?

Honda is still the king. They rank Toro as "recommended" as well but their repair rate according to the CR numbers is 17% as opposed to Hondas 12% for self-propelled.

Self-propelled Multiple Speeds (2014 Buyers Guide)

Honda HRX217VKA
Honda HRR2169VLA
Toro 20381/82
Honda HRR2169VYA
Toro 20333/34

CR Best Buy:
Honda HRR2169VKA
Toro 20332

Do you need any models for single speed or push?

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