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Glad you like your Honda. I have mowed twice with mine now and bagged 100% both times. This thing cuts like a champ. I am very happy that I went with the feature that allows the mower to keep running when dumping grass. The speed control knobs are great too and I can't imagine liking the paddle level Type controls more. I plan on changing the versa mow to maybe 70% bag and 30% mulch later just to experiment with things. I actually look forward to mowing now. The mower is pretty quite, but the 190cc engine does put off a little noise.

My only complaint so far is that since I am mowing my grass which will has patches of dormant Bermuda here and there, emptying the bag gets my allergies going. I hope this will be less of an issue in the coming weeks as I start dumping all green clippings.

The mulch works amazing from what I saw from that lawn service. The lawn looked like the clippings were bagged. It is too wet for me to cut grass right now but I did mulch a strip of grass. The clippings are so fine, it didn't even leave any clippings on my shoes (which we all know get dragged into the house).

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