My 30-odd year old Craftsman 3.5/20 is still going strong & starts half way through the first pull. The pull cord breaks every 15 years or so, but it comes in something like 100 foot rolls so I can repair it for at least the next 150 years.

I got sucked into the "which lawnmower should I buy" black hole and lost a couple of months of my life. Kept coming back to the Honda HRX with hydrostatic transmission & pull start but each time I went to buy one it felt somehow wrong. Concluded that what I really needed was a garden tractor, so spent a while spiralling into *that* black hole and eventually picked up a used JD GT235 -- which I'm very happy with except for the fact that most of my land isn't sufficiently smooth to *use* it without tipping into the ruts & holes, so I'm back to pushing the old Craftsman up the hills & down the hills.


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