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I had a lot of fun putting my mix together. Because I wasn't making a CD, I was more liberal with my track selections and the total play time is about 90 minutes. I got really fussy over the pacing and track transitions. I hope it comes through. smile

Great mix, Peter. The whole thing was a pleasant experience. A few that jumped out at me on the first listen were Kelly Hogan, JD McPherson, and Sara Watkins. I'll have to listen again and look up some of these artists.

I made a mix, but it's going to be mostly artists I've mentioned often, but I'll assume it'll still be fresh for most of you, because how often do you really follow my links? Ha ha. I know I'm bad at following links, too, so this form of sharing ensures a higher exposure rate.

Also, my mix doesn't have as high of a concentration of great sound quality, but here's hoping at least some of it passes some sort of standard. Simply PM me for the link if you're interested.