OK it's done! I'f your one of the people who sent me links, I've already PMed you mine. OK, well give it a few minutes more before the dropbox link works. Uploading on DSL is crappy. Downloading is not so bad but upwards sucks!

FYI, it's entirely Atlantic Canadian bands. Our music Industry has been on fire here the last few years so there was a ton to choose from. Unlike my last mix though, It's a very wide variety of styles. Country, blues, rock, jazzy funk, folk, dance and more.

Aside from procrastination, much of my delay was that I was waiting trying to find the Stone Mary CD around locally but they were sold out everywhere I went. I really wanted to add them though so I downloaded the song from iTunes. Between iTunes version and the conversion to MP3, I think there is a tiny bit of distortion in the opening guitar riff. Try to suffer through it though. Christine Campbells' voice is PURE Rock & Roll.

Tom, You're up!
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