So I'm thinking about upgrading to 6.1 or 7.1 from my V2 5.1 set up with two QS 8's, m80s, vp180, ep500. I'm thinking 6.1 would be easier for my room as I could play another speaker behind the couch pretty easy at a reasonable height. If I go 7.1 I would need to mount one from the drop down ceiling in the kitchen and the speakers would be a little higher than I like. Perhaps that's not a big deal because my side surrounds are higher than I would like due to a window in the way, but they sound fine. The couch is about 4 feet from the wall.

So advice would be appreciated on 6.1 versus 7.1, qs4, versus qs8, versus something else, 4 feet too close from couch for fear surrounds, etc.

I'm also toying with the idea of a second sub, but would like to try svs, hsu, etc. I'm the $800 range but would need to pair with ep500 well. I also kicked around the idea of a 3 channel amp for my fronts, but axiom amps are a little more than I want to spend. So it's either two more surrounds, an amp, a second sub, or maybe a single rear surround and sub.

Pictures of setup so you can visualize surround location. Thanks in advance.

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