I guess this is as much a question out to Craig who seems to know quite a bit about testing and has listened to the potential of Axiom's LFR1100 v4 speakers.

I will give Deb a call in the week to get a price for the ADA1000 amp, but just going off the list CAD there are quite a few options for the $1500+tax list price of this unit.

I have not tried this amp so I have no real basis to examine how they sound. I have used an Anthem MCA5 and once you get past the ground loop humm the 250w of power does have what it takes to make the LFR's sound good. My lesser Amp/One at estimated 1/2 that power doesn't seem to have the same dynamics.

But I have read on these hallow pages of owners of the LFR's running on Crown XLS amps and did not hear any negative word. From a price perspective two Crown XLS1002 can deliver 350w for around $1000, or even an XLi800 for 300w for $800.

I am gathering that it would make far more sense for me to simply look at two matched stereo amps than try and find a 4 channel option. But even an Emotiva XPA5 can give me the 5x300w at 4ohms for about $1100.

What are others using, and do you feel that you are getting the sound output that you fancy? I have about $1200 to spend hopefully taxes in.. but can scrimp and save a bit more if pushed.
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