Long story short, I missed the kickstarter out of stupidity and bad luck. I had asked a few questions that never got answered probably because they were still finalizing it, but I kept delaying getting the kickstarter unit wondering if it was worth the money and the lack of info scared me - go see the original thread it's all there. Then I said .... I'll get it anyways, and that day I had bad family issue....went to order it later that day thinking I had until the 12th to order, and this was like 30mins passed midnight on the 11th so I missed out on it because it didn't include the 12th....duh.

But I was sorta relieved and pissed at the same time. I've always wondering if this thing was worth the price. I have faith in Axiom having 20+ of their speakers in my home and 3 more on the way, but this is a different direction for them. I even bragged about this to everyone I knew, said keep an eye out for it, it could be a game changer. I got my A/V department at work excited for it as a quick easy system to setup in classrooms. Family too.

But then it got delayed, then it there were issues, then it did come out, and I really haven't seen any info on it. Unless I'm blind, there are hardly any reviews of it. The only things I read here are people having issues...but that's what this place is for right?

So I got this coupon for black Friday, and I'm tempted again. It's not as good as the kickstarter deal once you add in the discounts they had given on the battery and wooden tops. But xmas is coming..... smile but I still have that hesitation. I feel there is a version 2 coming. One with ports on the back, one with volume control buttons, a better interface etc. I always felt these things were needed, and at the price of the unit maybe I should wait. If it was 500 bucks I wouldn't care but at a grand ( NL tax is 15%) I'm second guessing it.

When it comes to the techie side, I have tons of experience in this area. Wireless and lan admin, did coding, sys admin, A/V pro for years. That doesn't scare me. But if this isn't easy to use for the woman of the house...I will be in trouble. We don't want that.

She's Apple
I'm android
And my music is all on Windows machine. But we want it for internet radio mostly, and we can get that on our phones, but want to send that to the Air. We have a BT speaker now for this, but of course BT sucks, and only one connection at a time.

EP500/800/HSU VTF3/SVS PB2k/SB2k/SB-12