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Ironically enough if you check out new Axiom vids. on You Tube. There's some new releases staring Andrew.

One regarding XLR vs RCA. In the vid. he mentions how a subwoofer connected to a different outlet can lead to issues. Also why not to use a balanced to non splitter. {It just cancels the balanced connection}.

Have you tried unplugging your Sub. yet Bman?

Yep subs were unplugged, along with all other connections to the Denon. All that I left were the 8 sets of speaker wire connected to the Denon, three RCA's between Denon and ADA, and the remaining 3 sets of speaker wire connected to the ADA. The buzz is only coming from those 3 speakers that are connected to the ADA.

Axiom M5HP VP160 M3 ADA1000
Anthem MRX 720
SVS SB-3000 (dual)