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Brendo, I can't hear a difference between my 12 ga Home Depot cable and my Monster Cable with M80v2. But I can hear a difference with M5 and M100v4. Monster sounds better. You'd have to hear it to believe it.

The bulk Home Depot speaker wire that I've seen is copper-clad aluminum, so that might explain it.

That may be the case now. Mine is just over 12 years old and I can attest there is no aluminum. Even if it was, why the difference between the v2 and v4? I'll tell you why. v4 is vastly superior. Let me say that again. v4 is VASTLY superior. It can't, just can't get any better except with a digital cross-over.

Ah ok. I bought some in 2013 and returned it as soon as I realized it was CCA. Currently using Monoprice Access 12 guage, which seems to be quality stuff.

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