I have a 7.1 system now, M80HP's, VP180HP & M5HP's for rear and will be trading-up my side QS10's for on-wall M5HP's. Will be powered by Denon X8500H using out board ATI amp for main 5 channels.

I am looking do 7.1.4. I think 6 overhead might be too much. My room has one row of 3 seats and is 19' x 13' with 8' flat ceiling. Dolby recommends ceiling speakers be placed at 45 degrees in front and behind listener. That puts them at 4'6" which is a 9 foot spread.

Dolby does indicate there is some wiggle room on this spacing but I'm still concerned about the dispersion. As mentioned there is no easy way to tilt the mounting of an in-wall (ceiling speaker). I really don't want to mount any kind of box speaker on my ceiling. Wife has her limits, this is our living room.

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If that's the case would in-wall M5HP's be over kill for Atmos celling? I have 4 of them for my surrounds.

I assume you are 7.1 or 7.2 right now? What is your Atmos goal, 5.1.4 or 7.1.2 or 7.1.4?

Can’t tell if you are looking to buy additional m5 in-wall for atmos or to repurpose what you have?

If you are keeping what you have for surrounds and looking to purchase additional speakers for Atmos, I suspect M5 in-wall might be a little beefier than what you need for overheads.