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Jump to new posts LFR1100 amplifier suggestions by 7800 @ Yesterday at 10:37 PM

Hi owners. First post on forum. I have my speakers set up in a 12x15 room hooked up to an Arcam P777 also powering my VP180HP and 2 QS8's. Home theatre sound is unlimited as I have an SVS13SB sub involved. I am wondering what the benefits are of goin
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Saturday.... by Ken.C @ Yesterday at 04:49 PM

Well, you do have a rather ...particular clientele.
Home Theater
Jump to new posts Re: Lets plan a theater space by Murph @ Yesterday at 10:29 AM

Looking Great!!
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Removing stickers before staining by Murph @ Yesterday at 10:26 AM

I use Peanut Butter for this all the time, depending on the material.
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts R.I.P. John Edgar Nash, Jr. ("A Beautiful Mind") by BobKay @ 05/24/15 01:45 PM

How can the guy who practically invented nonlinear differential equations forget, while riding unseatbelted in the back of a town car on the Jersey Pike, that the law of inertia still applies?
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Buying a new Cell Phone -- Need HELP by Serenity_Now @ 05/24/15 01:43 PM

I had a mixed experience with Wind as well. They tried to pull the same thing on me. I gave up my number and told them I was ending my contract because I was leaving the province. (I was) It was a 1/2 hour call with the customer retention departme
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Summer Project by Da_Gimp_Pimp @ 05/22/15 09:32 PM

Originally Posted By BobKayDon't BS us, Cam. You don't have any "special needs" that can't be completely covered by a hot, $1,000-a-night "courtesan," you little white-bread lothario trash. You know me well .
Home Theater
Jump to new posts Re: Ultra HD Blu-ray by theskins @ 05/22/15 03:39 PM

Also,I'm waiting patiently for 4K projectors to be.............3k or less (2-3 years???)
Advice from Axiom Owners
Jump to new posts Re: No sub to EP500 results. AND BIRCH SYRUP!! by Murph @ 05/22/15 08:22 AM

Only if you want your cats stuck to it.
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Movie review: Interstellar by Murph @ 05/22/15 08:21 AM

I don't know what is more messed up. The plot summary or the fact it stars Don Johnson.
The Water Cooler
Cool. I'll definitely look that up. Thanks.
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Summer drink Gift by BobKay @ 05/21/15 06:11 PM

Originally Posted By Serenity_NowOh yeah, I think I've experienced counterfiet street. Eye contact and hesitation in my stride was my downfall. Best deal on the worst sunglasses I ever owned. Next time, go with someone who's sleazier than they a
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: beer thread by pmbuko @ 05/21/15 11:02 AM

I had Stone Ruination 2.0 IIPA last night and really enjoyed it. Really great hop flavor that ranged from piney to tropical, and the malts seemed to float delicately above the fray.
Jump to new posts Re: When does the new Computer Speakers start shipping by Serenity_Now @ 05/21/15 05:23 AM

yay 20th. hopefully shipping info soon.
Hearing Things
Jump to new posts Re: A six month long test of an Axiom Tower vs. ??? by craigsub @ 05/20/15 07:34 AM

Jeff - I have not yet heard the Signatures, but I did own a pair of Legacy's original flagship speakers, the Model 1's, purchased in 1988. Today, in the line up, they would be considered the ancestor to the Classic HD's. They were a wonderful speake
Advice from Axiom Owners
Jump to new posts Re: Ok, you got $12K to spend ...... by TroyD @ 05/19/15 07:42 PM

yeh, I just want the final system be right. I was looking at Paradigm Studio 100' the cc690 and ADP came to 12K maybe pushing the limit. Not really caring about finish a lot. Why ???? there in a darken room anyways. However, having the Main in a nic
Home Theater
Jump to new posts Re: Quick answer needed - Anyone used these by Serenity_Now @ 05/19/15 12:15 PM

Anytime. . Glad you're sorted.

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