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we received 4 inches of snow over night, and it is heading towards Wid as we speak. Looks like a white Xmas this year...

You peps are so lucky, well, unless you just hate snow; but here where I'm at we seldom get any, and what we do get doesn't amount to much.

People can poke fun all they want, but to me, Christmas isn't Christmas without snow on the ground. I understand that if you live where you never get it, then it's irrelevant.

Western and Northern Kansas gets hammered with it every year, but Wichita being located where it is, heck we get ice, lots and lots of ice. Can't remember the last blizzard conditions we got here in Wichita, it was back in the 80's if memory serves. Well, we did get a pretty heavy snow fall back in 98', but generally speaking, we're lucky if we get more then an inch to 3" at a time, but it varies though. We do get snow every year, just seldom ever amounts to a lot. Truth be told, I don't care so much about the amount around Christmas, just that we have snow on the ground for Christmas is what I care about.