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Too bad Delta takes 2 years off your life every time you fly with them.

Yeah, we never actually fly them anymore. They never win the Expedia price wars. The miles came from an American Express card that we used heavily at Costco.

So, fellas, any Tuttlefest updates?

I have blocked off my schedule for the week of Monday, August 11. I'll be doing something fun that week, but the agenda is wide open. I would still love to hang out with you guys for at least some part of it.

I checked airfare today, not pretty. Nonstops to the west coast are $600, one-stops are $450-500. Cheapest seems to be Baltimore to San Jose. I'd be shuddering in fear on both ends of that flight, I bet. Still, I'd like to lock something in before the 30-day window prior to flying closes and the prices go up. Or is that 21? Or both?

Anybody going to be able to play along? And where is tomtuttle hiding these days anyway?!
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