Hi bdbf,

Regarding your listening comparisons at Axiom, if you want to isolate nuances between speakers, listen in stereo with no subwoofer. If you listen in 5.1, differences between the front main speakers are much harder to spot because there is so much going on in the room.

As FredK mentioned, you'll hear the difference in low bass output, both extension and amount of bass, between the 60s and 80s immediately. When I do blind tests, I write down phrases like "spectacular deep bass; is a sub running?" for the M80s.

The 80s are a tad smoother through the midrange on male and female vocals than the 60s or the M22s, but these are small differences, and the M22s are wonderful speakers.

The old M80ti was changed in 2003; prior to that we sometimes supplied resistors to owners of the ti to damp down tweeter output, but we stopped doing that after the M80 crossover was changed (the v2 wasn't added until several years later, in 2005 if memory serves).

There is a Holly Cole CD at Axiom; we use it in our listening tests. The track we use is "I Can See Clearly Now the Rain . .

Have fun tomorrow.

Alan Lofft,
Axiom Resident Expert (Retired)