Still say when listening to music on CD sub it sounds awesome on the 80's.

It comes down to your audition tomorrow, regardless of what anyone posts here, you will hear something different. Something is going to apeal to you more.
It will also , come down to if it is worth the extra $400. You have got to get that notion of the sub, outta your head. You are auditioning the mains and the fine and finer points of the speaker. Adding a sub in later on is a bonus to help the speakers, in home theatre to produce lower frequencies and a higher volumn level when it is called for.

Put it like this, if for some ungodly reason you crank on so lets say a great tune from a grweat Canadian band "Rush" tune and crank it up to the point in a song where the bass guitar and drum are really heavy. Chances are Neal Peart and Geddy are going to to make them woofers move and then distortion sets in and sounds like a cardboards paper fluttering and you walk out thinking this is crap, kinda like a teenager would do. lol
Now, at the same spot same volumn level turn on your sub EP800 or hell even a EP350 properly calibrated and setup chance are the *)'s are not going to be working hard, the lower frequencies have rolled off and the mega wattage is not being used by the amp to drive the woofers in the *)'s. Why, because I now gots a 600 watt 12" sub that is doing all this work( Heavy lifting ) and guess what, it is not even staining, because it can handle it, and guess what the whole setup is cleaner and even louder.
Where the 80's were a few minutes ago, trying very hard , it is now passing off the heavy work to the sub and where the 30 hz frequencies need volumn it has a partner to do it. As the 80 produce 30hz, that may well be but at what level as a whisper or a normal talking volumn I don't think they could yell at 30 hz. This is where the sub helps any speaker.

But, in 2.0 stereo take Diana Krall CD with you sit back close your eyes and enjoy no sub needed those low notes are a joy to hear on the 80's and her voice is beautiful in mids.

And if you want to hear how well a sub is or the 80's do at low ends .... Sound Gardens first song I think on the first CD, that song before that "Chica cherry cola" song has a very low rumble and bass that'll work at normal volumn

my 3cents
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