After Rick got me started by breaking out his M60's for fun, I played with my set up for fun - most of the afternoon yesterday. I broke out the Spears and Munsil disc that came with the Oppo and diddled with it for a while - then I dug out the DVE that I have had for several months. Embarrasingly enough, I had never found all the reference material until yesterday. Specifically, I found the 15-150 Hz sweep. The 500 kicks in immediately at 15 and really tons it out starting 20-22. I now had an easily repeatable sound sweep that allowed me to track down the annoying rattle that I hear when deep bass kicks in during a movie. I put the disc on repeat and began searching. I had to get right in front of the 500 to discover it was the frame of an album cover. What really got me, though, was how much air the 500 was moving - it literally caused my pants to flutter in the breeze! Tonight, time permitting, I am thinking about running the same sweep with the sub off so that I can get an idea of when the 60's would kick in.
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