Sounds like an interesting project. Just a couple comments and questions.

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1. Upon successful completion of the sale of your goods you will receive 100% of the selling price in Axiom Dollars redeemable for anything sold on our website

If my assumption is correct that the “selling price” you are referring to here is the winning bid you might want to make the wording more specific or someone might mistakenly think it’s the original selling price.

If the Axiom dollars are received “upon successful completion of the sale” can they be spent immediately? If so what happens if the buyer changes their mind and returns the item?

I see a potential for fraud in the present arrangement. I could put my speakers up for auction and have a friend (Sean would be to obvious) put in a high bit that is say only 10% - 20% below the original selling price (have to keep it somewhat real). I keep my speakers and buy the ones that my friend wants using my Axiom dollars meaning I’m getting the speakers for 10% - 20% of what they really cost. Under the present arrangement I see no way of preventing this type of scam happening at least once per buyer. Perhaps more if they are sneaky about how they do it. Doing this someone could easily get Axiom speakers for themselves or others for 80%-90% off the retail price.
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