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I have to ask, why did you go with the M3s over the M22s?

I loved the M3s until I got the M22s; now I would only get the M22s. I don't know what the return sjipping costs, but I'd seriously consider getting both and sending back the one you like the least.

I knew it wouldn't be long before this happened. I read so many rave reviews for the M3's that I was sure the M3's were the right speaker for me. Now you're telling me that the M3's aren't really that good and that I should have ordered the M22's? I have a very small listening area so I thought that the M3's would be better. I have a pair of speaker stands that will work well with the M3's but not with the M22's. I give up. I really do. When the M3's arrive next week I just may refuse the order. Every time I order what I think is a good choice later I'm told that it wasn't really a wise choice and that speaker B or C is a much better choice.

This is pretty extreme based on one individuals subjective evaluation between the M22 and M3. From an objective standpoint the M22 has a more linear frequency response. For those looking for the most accurate Axiom bookshelf the M22 is the model. The M3 has a midbass hump that some prefer and its sound signature is more laid back/less forward than the M22. The M3 also uses an unconventional crossover design which also gives the M3 its unique sound characteristics. Here is a comparison of the two speakers. Now what are you looking for in a speaker?


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