RE: Sibilance

Chess and I did a wee experiment a few years back. Wee being, I burned a few CD's of songs that I found to be sibilant, (but recorded well) when listening to them on my M80ti's, sent them to Chess and he gave them a whirl listening to them with his M40s (or were they M50's??, I don't recall). His speakers were regarded as being "more forgiving" than the M80's.

Now when I say "recorded well", I mean that the recording in general was well done, but yet, for some reason, still sounded sibilant. Most of the sibilance was due to the vocals. (Breaking Benjamin was one of the CD's)

The verdict was: that they were sibilant, regardless of the speakers.

Several years later, I played a few of the same songs on some different speakers of mine. They're still sibilant.

So the moral of this story is; garbage in, garbage out, no matter if you make it wear a pretty dress and put a pretty bow on it or not.

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