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i am waiting for a pair of M60's to show up in the Manfield Beech. So far no luck.

When you're choosing one particular item, within a companies product line, then wanting that in one of a dozen or so non standard finish options, that's a stuff call. If these would show up as B stock, your savings would be $118.00. Yes the Axiom Auction could save you a little bit more than that, but at the expense of having to wait.

You might want too call Axiom and inquire as to how many times has these speakers showed up at auction, in the last year or two . That might help to bring into perspective, what you're trying to accomplish by getting your chose of M60's, and saving some money at the same time as well. You may need to be extremely lucky here, as well as patient. Remember an old adage states,"A watched pot never boils". Good luck.
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