Correct - no HDMI output for SACD on the Denon that was released some time ago - in 2007. I use only the 2 Channel RCA Audio Outputs to my audio only tube amp - perfect for me. For surround to a receiver, a bunch of RCA cables will be required.

The latest inexpensive Sony Blu Ray players (390, 590 & 790) output SACD over HDMI. In fact I'm going to get one to hook into my HT system for surround playback to compliment my PS3 that does not play SACDs; however, they are not the 5-disc changer type.

From what I've seen in the market place, SACD playback is not supported by many manufacturers. It's a shame as there are a ton of SACD discs for sale on the net & more are continually being released. I really like them...