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Chess, I just received the Panny ST50 (like 15 minutes ago). I've got blinds on the right side of the room, I will let you know how glare is tomorrow during daylight.

There is a little bit of glare from a lamp next to the couch, but it is a dim reflection. Not really bothersome for TV watching. There is more glare from the glossy black bevel than the screen.

If you have bright lights directly behind the sitting area, it could be a bit of a problem.

I look forward to hearing more about the potential or realized glare and reflections as you start to get used to it over the next few days.
I won't be going to check out the Panny at a local store until later this weekend or early next week. I did pickup the LG though and will set it up tomorrow (saw the Sony right next to it as well and because of its higher price and much more glossy screen, we decided to rule it out as an option). Once again in the store i tested out the off axis performance (of the LG) and there is significant loss of contrast to the sides. Not unexpected but more than i expected.
We'll see if that holds up tomorrow once i get it plugged in and calibrated a bit.

Anyone using a more current dvd for LED/plasma calibration?

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