While you are there, grab a bottle of the Cave Spring Riesling CSV (whatever year they have available at the LCBO). World class riesling from Ontario.

The Henry of Pelham Cuvee Catherine sparklings you should have no problem finding at your local LCBO. Very, very good. Henry of Pelham, like Cave Springs make excellent wines.

The Peller Estates Ice Cuvee and Ice Cuvee Rose are again very, very good. This sparkling I believe would appeal to most tastes and secondly probably never have tried before. It's fantastic.

"One of our most awarded wines at the winery, this traditional ‘méthode’ sparkling wine is made. When the lees are degorged, a ‘dosage’ (doh-sahj) of Icewine is added (110ml)."

BTW these are all Ontario wines. smile
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