Cam, the actual specs for the 3801 were 105 watts into 8 ohms and 140 watts into 6 ohms, a typical increase into the lower impedance. Also keep in mind that the difference between say 100 watts and 150 watts is only 1.76dB in maximum sound level(e.g., 105dB and 106.76dB at brief peaks). Any amplifiers in the 100-150 watt area can be considered "comparable" as far as power output goes, so don't pay too much attention to those numbers.

Power shouldn't be a major consideration, but of course new receivers have updated features in comparison to the 3801. I'd suggest that you consider units such as the Denon 2312 or Onkyo 709. For buyers in the U.S., factory refurbished units from sellers such as Accessories4less would be suggested, but they don't ship to Canada. Canadian prices remain somewhat mysterious to me, but relatively reasonable deals should be available.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.