why do you have to buy a harmony 1100 every year

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Unless i'm just missing seeing it with the universal remote, i don't see that it has activity buttons, like "watch tv", "play DVD", "listen radio", "play CD". All i see is that it replaces multiple remotes, which won't simplify the process nearly as much because you still have to do every function. You need a remote like the Harmony One which is worth paying a premium price for that added simplicity.

I use the harmony 1100, but don't recommend that one, unless your equipment is in another room, like mine, or behind a closed door, and you like to buy a new one about once a year. I have no experience with the harmony one, but many people here have liked it.

When I want to watch a movie, I hit the touch screen button that says "DVD/blu-ray". This powers on the TV and selects the proper input mode. It powers on the AVR and puts it in the play DVD mode. It powers on the blu-ray player. I open the tray and put the movie in and close the tray. Wait for the menu on the blu-ray and play. When done, I remove the disc, close the tray, then push power off button on the remote. It powers off all 3 devices. If instead of turning it off I want to watch Tv now, it powers off the blu-ray player, but leaves the other components on, and sets them to the settings that's needed to watch TV. I don't have to remember anything.

Easy peasy Japanesy.
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