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If crystal-clear dialogue, thrilling highs, and solid, deep bass are on your must-have list for a home theater speaker system, then the Axiom Epic 80 v 500 VP180 is for you.  This home theater system has it all in spades!

With the award-winning M80 tower speakers anchoring the system, you're instantly transfixed by the level of detail you hear in music and movies you've been listening to for years: there is nothing like rediscovering them on a high-end pair of speakers! 

Add in the new VP180 center channel speaker, sonically matched to the M80s and ready to throw voices to the furthers corners of your listening space.  This 'monster center' is blowing away customers with its incredible nuances.  An unheard-of six drivers (tweeters and woofers) combine with three rear ports to create an unprecedented listening experience that pans across the front speakers so seamlessly you'll swear the action is live.

Music or movies: either way, the most exciting experience requires deep bass that you can actually feel, not just hear, and this home theater speaker system has you covered there as well.  The EP500 subwoofer is so powerful it inspired one reviewer to write:

". . . oodles of punch and slam.  With the EP500 engaged, the hairs stood up on my arms as I felt the adrenaline rush from the power of this mighty sub."
-- Gene DellaSala, Audioholics 

The EP500 DSP 500-watt subwoofer is the deepest (down to 13 Hz anechoic response), the smoothest (the DSP controls every frequency from 13 Hz to 150 Hz never deviating more than 1 db through the entire range) and the cleanest loudest bass possible with no distortion.

Coupled with the EP500 sub, the Epic 80 will handle hundreds of watts per channel with music or movie soundtracks.

Last but not least, the surround channels.  Our best-selling surrounds, the QS8 quadpolar speakers, are uniquely designed to send sound top, bottom, left and right.  The result?  You won't be able to tell where the sound ends . . . it goes on and on forever.

"The Axiom QS8 is one of the best, most versatile surround speakers I've heard, managing to sound diffuse or directional as needed. " 
-- Vince Hanada, HomeTheaterSound.com

This system is available in 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, 7.2 and 7.4 Dolby Digital configurations. We have the experience and expertise to help you choose the perfect system - call or email us for your customized recommendation. Our non-commissioned, experienced audio video experts are happy to help.

(Note: the M80 tower's impedance is 4 ohms. Big rooms call for a separate power amplifier for the M80 towers. An A/V receiver rated to drive 4-ohm loads without overheating or shutting down is recommended. Call Axiom for recommended receivers or amplifiers that will drive the 4-ohm M80s.)

Questions We Get All the Time

What size room does this work in?

Best For: Medium to very large living rooms, great rooms, dedicated home theaters

How much power does my receiver need for these speakers?

Power Required: Home theater receivers that are compatible with four-ohm speakers; 50 to 400 watts per channel. Also consider separates.


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