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Transform your existing home audio system or any of our wireless speakers into a Karaoke or public speaking speaker! Simply plug in, connect your AxiomAir, add your microphones, set the volume and go.

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Have a party, don't compromise sound quality

Tired of renting low-quality public address systems, or lugging your ancient karaoke machine out of the basement whenever you want to have a party? With the AxiomAir Karaoke and PA Module, you can expand your home speaker's capabilities and set the stage for all kinds of fun. Instantly add Karaoke fun to your home! Use it with AxiomAir Transformer, wireless Bookshelf, Tower, or Soundbar, and you’re ready to party! Simply plug it into your AxiomAir, select Karaoke from the menu, and set your mic, music, and echo volume. That's it - nothing to put away except your mics.

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AxiomAir wireless karaoke system

Become the best sounding Karaoke singer…

Adding the AxiomAir Karaoke and PA Module with our proprietary feedback-killing circuitry and two microphone inputs turns your AxiomAir Transformer or wireless speakers into a superior sounding Karaoke machine. Music volume, microphone volume, and echo level are all controlled from the user interface. Add one or two pairs of optional wireless microphones, and you now have the fun ability to have four singers, all balanced so that everyone can be heard.

…or make an impression on the group

Give presentations that sound better than anyone else's. No really – the AxiomAir Karaoke and PA Module is also ideal for presentations, so your AxiomAir Transformer or wireless speakers become a sound system that will broadcast your voice with crystal clarity and no feedback. Shift seamlessly from playing background music to beginning your presentation, and don't forget to play all your multi-media sound over your AxiomAir! Whether you're adding capability to an existing PA system or want a great sounding and room-filling wireless speaker system, the AxiomAir Karaoke and PA module is perfect for meeting rooms, churches, synagogues, weddings, charity events - you name it, this sleek little system is ready to assist.

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Simple Connections, Great Features

The AxiomAir Karaoke and PA Module includes:
  1. Two Mic Inputs - Connect two wired microphones or two pairs of optional wireless microphone systems for a total of four singers!
  2. Individual Mic Level Controls - Prevent distortion and adjust for different microphones and singing voices.
  3. Feedback Killer - Prevents feedback so you can sing or make your presentation without fear of microphone howls and squeals.
  4. Easy To Sing - A proprietary dynamic expander/compressor makes sure that loud singers don't drown out others and that quiet singers can still be heard.
  5. The Power of AxiomAir - Because the Karaoke and PA Module connects to your AxiomAir, you have the full power of AxiomAir technology. Control mic, music, and echo levels from the App and play music streams from any source.

Plug Your Speakers In      Connect your AxiomAir     Add Your Mics     Share Your Message With the World


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Questions We Get All the Time

What types of microphones can I use?

The AxiomAir Karaoke and PA Module is compatible with a wide range of Dynamic and Wireless microphone systems. If you'd prefer to use microphones that require external power a separate power supply would be required.

What do I need in addition to the Karaoke and PA module?

You'll need as many wired or wireless microphones as you require and an AxiomAir that's capable of connecting to the Karaoke and PA Module. These include the AxiomAir Transmitter (perfect for adding AxiomAir and Karaoke capability to any existing audio system), our wireless bookshelf and tower speakers, and our Open Bar Soundbar. Connection between the Karaoke and PA Module and the AxiomAir is a single, simple to plug in cable.

We've compiled a playlist of short video tutorials to help you get the most out of your AxiomAir. You can start watching below or go to our AxiomAir Features page to see them all.




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