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  1. Excellent
    The M80 is, hands-down and in my experience, the best and most complete loudspeaker in its class!

    Review by John Potis, 6 Moons Read full review

  2. Excellent
    The soundstage and imaging without DSP and rear drivers had been very good - natural, wide, and deep, clearly defined with tight imaging. It was a surprise to find that everything about the soundstage improved with the addition of the rear drivers and DSP. It was bigger, deeper, more spacious, more clearly defined, and depth acuity, the most difficult characteristic to achieve, went from very soft to noticeable. Imaging stayed every bit as solid and tight.

    Review by Wayne Myers, Home Theater Shack Read full review

  3. Highly Recommended!
    a sophisticated huge soundstage with pronounced layering and good image focus in a large listening window that remained stable over both width and height. . . . Mr. Colquhoun and Mr. Welker have produced a speaker system which goes for refinement in tonal balance, very wide dynamic range and low distortion. Add to that a well-focused immense soundstage and a slight softening in transient behavior and one remains outside the extreme transparency camp to be firmly on the musical enjoyment side. The big Axiom plays it big, brawny and engaging.

    Review by Glen Wagenknecht, Six Moons Read full review

  4. Highly Recommended!
    'The first thing that was apparent about the sound of the LFR1100 was its seemingly limitless dynamics and ability to play loudly with no hint of strain. I've had several speakers in my system that I've described as having exceptional power-handling characteristics, but the LFR1100 was the best in that regard by a wide margin. It could coast along at volume levels that, with most speakers of its size and price, would have had me worrying about damaging the drivers. . . But my timidity was probably misguided -- even at these insane levels, the sound was still crystal clear, without any of the compression or harshness associated with driving speakers past their limits.

    '. . .their big, open sound, exceptional clarity, and massive dynamics are astonishing for a speaker of this size and price.'

    Review by Roger Kanno, SoundStageHiFi Read full review

  5. Excellent
    'Our experience with Axiom's LFR-1100 speakers and ADA-1500-4 amplifier was one of brilliance, revelation, and total musical immersion, on par with some of the best listening sessions we've ever experienced. We tested this system from every angle - literally and metaphorically - and we had a near impossible time exposing a flaw.

    'On top of that, the LFR-1100s' massive soundstage and vibrant power also make them the perfect system for large gatherings of folks who actually care about the sound - no more fighting over that sweet spot. (Audiophile party anyone?) If you're looking to step into a real home hi-fi system, we think purchasing the Axiom LFR-1100 and ADA-1500-4 is an investment you will never regret.'

    Review by Ryan Waniata , Digital Trends Read full review

  6. Excellent
    I have been a musician for nearly 30 years. I have performed at too many venues to recall and I believe that I have a firm grasp on what music should sound like or rather what the artist intended it to sound like and I can say without hesitation that the LFR1100's are that rare breed of speakers that are capable of capturing the very soul of the music.

    Review by Dale Rasco, HomeTheaterShack Read full review

  7. Highly Recommended!
    ...twirling the dial never made the tone harsh. It just became more and more present. I've experienced a large sound stage before; even to the point where my room disappears completely. The LFRs made it sound and feel limitless. . . . I have never felt more like I was actually in a concert hall than I did listening to the LFR1100s.

    Review by Chris Eberle, Secrets of Home Theater And High Fidelity Read full review

  8. Excellent
    'The EP600 is very musical, can play lower than we can hear, and when called upon can wreck the house with gut-wrenching high SPL. . . it is a true audiophile subwoofer with impressive slam.'

    'The EP-600s belted out huge amounts of tight lightning- fast undistorted LFE.'

    Review by Ray Adkins, Audioholics Read full review

  9. Excellent
    Loud yet distortion free, powerful but never brutish, it never bottomed out... the EP600 is by far the best subwoofer we have yet tested.

    Review by Octavio Umana, Canada HiFi Read full review

  10. Excellent
    The Axiom speakers I reviewed were absolutely unbelievable.These speakers are without a doubt among the finest speakers built in Canada. They set a new benchmark for performance at this price and about the only thing left to say is 'WOW!

    Review by Ray Adkins, (on the Epic 80-600) Read full review

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