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  1. Highly Recommended!
    Unlike loudspeakers for which much is promised, but that end up being little more than patchwork designs, Axiom's M22 On-Wall/In-Wall is an extremely well-thought-out speaker that gives you Axiom's trademark sound quality in a package much more convenient and spacing-saving than the norm. . . .dead-simple to install. . . .a unique solution for the audiophile who wants it all, but wants it on -- and in -- the wall.

    Review by Doug Schneider, Read full review

  2. Highly Recommended!
    The M22 On-Wall/In-Wall's midrange and upper frequency detail and resolution reproduction is terrific. Every little detail recorded by the close microphone was revealed accurately. I must say that the M22 On-Wall/In-Wall's are definitely overachievers.

    Review by Ray Adkins, Read full review

  3. Highly Recommended!
    The Axiom M60 v2 performs so far above its price that it might be the best speaker bargain today . . .

    Review by Philip Beaudette, GoodSound Read full review

  4. Excellent
    Axiom Audio has done it again: another killer model in a whole line of excellent speakers.

    Review by Vince Hanada, GoodSound Read full review

  5. Highly Recommended!
    The M60s presented a convincing soundstage and lived up to their 'revealing' reputation. Every breath, every move of the lips was recreated so accurately and untainted, so that at times I literally felt like the microphone was right in front of me. The M60s put out a very respectable amount of bass and I felt I was missing very little if anything by not having a subwoofer engaged.

    Review by Tom Andry , Audioholics Read full review

  6. Excellent
    Axiom’s M80 v2s combine brawn and beauty into a graceful and powerful performer that represents an outstanding value

    Review by Todd Whitesel, Read full review

  7. Excellent
    Bass response is excellent, tight and extended . . . [The M80] is detailed without being overly analytical, clear and open without being too bright, and presents a soundstage that is both wide and deep.

    Review by Andrew Marshall, Audio-Ideas Read full review

  8. Excellent
    . . . a flattering, yet precise, sound stage . . . an airy, transparent top end, extending well out beyond audible range. The M80s are an outstanding value. . . You will not find loudspeakers that sound nearly as good as this, anywhere close to the modest price.

    Review by Kevin Elliot, AudioWorld Read full review

  9. Excellent
    Axiom loudspeakers make you wonder why so many other loudspeakers are so expensive. They sound very clear and well defined - open, spacious and airy.

    Review by A. Colin Flood, EnjoyTheMusic Read full review

  10. Excellent
    The M80s have the sonic chops to reproduce sound that keeps up in quality with your high-definition picture. They are that good and, for the price, they are a steal.

    Review by Brian Kahn, AudioRevolution Read full review

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