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  1. Excellent
    From exploding mines to overhead airstrikes ... the Epic Grand Master was cohesive, solid and very dynamic. The effects that pan from any direction were flawless. There was no lack of bass when required and the sound of bullets whizzing from behind to the front stage was startling.'

    Review by Jared Rachwalski, Home Theater And High Fidelity Read full review

  2. Excellent
    The Axiom QS8 is one of the best, most versatile surround speakers I've heard, managing to sound diffuse or directional as needed.

    Review by Vince Hanada, Read full review

  3. Excellent
    But mamma! The QS8s are astonishing. Period. No qualifiers are needed -- not for the money or of their type or considering . . . about as diffuse as surrounds get.

    Review by Wes Phillips,

  4. Excellent
    excellent dispersion... For discrete surround, such as Dolby Digital or DTS, the QS-8 will offer a combination of good rear spatial accuracy and a nice enveloping ambient field. It is, I must say, a fine feat of engineering in a bipolar speaker system.

    Review by Andrew Marshall, Audio Ideas Guide Read full review

  5. Excellent
    I was shocked at the level of performance that I was able to obtain with the QS-8 speakers. The QS-8 surrounds sounded robust and spacious. Because of their small size, they are very unobtrusive when installed. Channel separation was excellent. . .placement of the QS-8 on the back wall made the rear sound stage sound like it went on forever.

    Review by Ray Adkins, Read full review

  6. Excellent
    The QS8 has to set the standard for multipole design speakers. Positioned directly to the sides of the main seating area, the QS8's disappear sonically, and were less finicky about seating position than any other speaker I've tried as a surround.

    Review by Geoff Cintron, Read full review

  7. Excellent
    As a surround speaker goes, these are among the finest available today from any manufacturer, conveying a sense of three dimensionality that borders on the magical.

    Review by Dave Upton, Home Theater Forum Read full review

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