Professional Reviews

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    'crystalline midrange and treble, superb sound-staging, and outstanding microdynamics.'

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    'Axiom has scored big-time. An inexpensive, micro-sized super-achiever.'

    Review by Doug Schneider, Read full review

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    '... an excellent blend of quality and price.'

    Review by Francois Lemieux, Quebec Audio-Video

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    'The sound was ultra deep, extremely loud, and exceptionally clean.'

    Review by Doug Schneider, Read full review

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    'some of the best surround speakers I have encountered'

    Review by Don Lindich, Sound Advice

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    'excellent intelligibility, even when the dialogue is mixed at low level.'

    Review by Kevin Elliott,

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    'EP350 powered sub produces a clean tight bass.'

    Review by Brian Mitchell, Read full review

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    Audiophile sound that disappears into your decor

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    'Imagine my surprise when the EP125 kept making some noise all the way down to 25Hz!'

    Review by Kevin Hunt, Read full review

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    'This is as clean and balanced a center channel as I've ever listened to in this price range.'

    Review by Clint DeBoer,

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