VP150 Center Channel Speaker

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VP150 Center Channel Speaker

This is a center channel of choice for owners that want higher power, it delivers seamless integration and wide-angle dispersion. Dolby Digital and DTS encoded soundtracks shine.

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Finally, dialogue you can hear clearly from any seat in the house! You won't be wondering what the characters just said when the VP150 center channel anchors your home theater system.

"The VP-150 center channel sounded very natural: male and female voices were unrestrained and blended perfectly with the rest of the speakers in the system."-- Ray Adkins, Audioholics.com

With its triple aluminum woofer array and dual titanium tweeters, the VP150 delivers stunning dynamic range and real-world sound levels, even in challenging rooms. It can handle up to 400 Watts of power to keep pace with the most powerful amplifiers.

"The triple 5.25" aluminum woofers deliver a stiff and accurate sound, reproducing crisp, clean dialogue and effects information. This is as clean and balanced a center channel as I've ever listened to at this price range."-- Clint DeBoer, Audioholics.com

This is a center channel of choice for tower speaker owners - it delivers seamless integration and wide-angle dispersion, even in big home theaters or great rooms. Dolby Digital and DTS encoded soundtracks shine. Together with your surround speakers, the VP150 delivers a very compelling performance. You'll love the tonal match with Axiom's M22, M60 or M80 speakers.

"Frampton's “(I'll Give You) Money” was outstanding, showcasing the VP150's midrange clarity, balanced dispersion, and exceptional integration with the M22tis." -- Tom Garcia, AudioRevolution

The VP150's tapered wedge shape lets you angle the speaker up or down toward the listening area, depending on whether you have the center channel above or below the TV screen. It also has a hex-bolt mount so that you can easily wall-mount the speaker using our Full Metal Bracket, or place it on our dedicated center channel stand under a drop-down projection screen. This center channel's modest 7.5-inch height lets it fit on shelves above or below the TV screen.

Hear everything with the VP150 - audition it in your home theater with our 30-day in-home trial. Includes a five-year warranty and free shipping!

Recommended with: M22, M60, M80

Questions We Get All the Time

What size room does this work in?

Best for: Medium to large living rooms, great rooms

How much power does my receiver need for this speaker?

Home theater receiver with 40 to 120 watts per channel

Where can I put this speaker?

Stand mounting, wall mounting or shelf placement above or below screen


All Axiom Centers feature:

  • Titanium Tweeters

  • Aluminum Woofers (and Midranges where applicable)

  • Anti-Standing-Wave cabinets that suppress internal resonances which color sound

  • 5-way gold-plated binding posts
Enclosure Acoustic Suspension
Max Amp Power 400 Watts
Min Amp Power 10 Watts
Freq Resp +/-3dB (Hz) 85 - 20 kHz
Freq Resp +3dB- 9dB (Hz) 55 - 20 kHz
SPL in Room1w/1m(db) 95 dB
SPL Anechoic 1w/1m(db) 91 dB
X-Over 2.7 kHz
Tweeter Dual 1"
Woofer Triple 5.25"
Dimensions H W D (inches) 7.5" x 27.5 " x 7.5 "
Dimensions H W D (mm) 191 x 699 x 191
Weight (lbs) each 21.8 lbs
Weight (kg) each 9.888 kg
Frequency Graph Frequency Graph
Impedance Graph Impedance Graph


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"'This is as clean and balanced a center channel as I've ever listened to in this price range.'"
Clint DeBoer, Audioholics.com
Customer Reviews
I hear dialogue! Have used a cheap sony home theatre in a box for years and often struggled to hear dialogue especially in busy scenes. With the VP150 I've been amazed that I'm not straining to hear dialogue. Integrates well with my M80 fronts.
- Michael H., ON
The VP150 was my test to see if this internet direct company was legit. Well I've since ordered a total of 9 other Axioms over the years and enjoyed each and every one. The VP150 is a solid center channel and it can hold it's own and then some. I had friend bring theirs over and we ran them as front channels in stereo and were amazed at the results. A very versatile speaker, get one or 2 and enjoy.
- Graeme H., ON
I think the best testimonial I can give for my new Axiom speaker system would be from my wife. I would guess that like many of your customers, I started down the speaker purchase route with little if any support from my better half. When the boxes showed up, and I started hooking things up, my efforts were met with much eye rolling. After just setting up 3 of my 7 new Axiom speakers I asked the wife to get out some of her old CDs. We ended up listening to music together until about 2 AM. At the end of it, the misses was heard saying
- Benjamin Q., NJ
The VP150 sits on top of my home theatre cabinet and below my wall-mounted led tv, with the rest of my setup being wall mounted. The centre channel is probably the most important speaker in a home theatre system, not only handling dialogue, but also any forward sound, from subtle background noises to explosions. The VP150 really fits the bill, accurately producing well balanced sound with dialogue being easily heard in the middle of an action scene; whispers can be heard while explosions are not overpowering. I chose the regular VP150 over the on-wall version because I had a good place to put it and room, as well as it was closest to my crossover setting of 80hz. Very good speaker and highly recommended!
- John S., AB
Love the 150. It is so smooth! It makes me giggle when I turn my system WAY up. 
- Ryan S., CA
I have everything setup and I am completely thrilled with the Axioms so far. This weekend we will really put it through its paces. I went into this purchase never hearing them before and Im glad I did. They keep sounding better the more I listen to them. A much fuller / wider range sound over the tiny Klipsch I had. My wife made a comment this morning while she was watching TV that she doesn't have to strain anymore to hear the dialog, so we scored big on that one :).
- Steve R., TX
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  • VP150 Center Channel Speaker

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