I am on the fence regarding wall mounting my surrounds with the supplied brackets, or putting them on the Axiom stands that are made for them. The left surround would be less conspicuous sitting on a stand under a large framed picture (wife won't let me remove the picture) instead of mounting it on the wall at a higher height almost touching the left side of the picture. If I go with stands, the right surround would go behind a couch that is almost the height of the stand (36"), so I wonder if the lower woofer's output would be blocked by having a couch in front of it. If I wall-mount the right surround, it would be 5 ft high on a narrow wall next to windows (no flexibility on its position other than going even higher up the narrow wall, since there is a light switch keeping me from mounting it lower). In other words, wall-mounting at equal heights creates a visual issue with the left side, and using stands may create a blocking issue on the right. Any advice? Does the visual issue go away in time? I have 19' high ceilings, so is mounting higher better than using the 38" stands?