Very pleased to hear you enjoyed Run Silent, Run Deep, Sean. \:\) If you're a Bogie fan, I think you'll like Sahara. Good supporting cast.

One of the things I wanted to mention was that, many of these movies that were made during the war, were intended as morale boosters - propaganda, if you will. Bataan is a perfect example. Viewed through today's eyes, the movie, and particularly the ending, is a bit hokie.

But, if you are able to empathize - to place yourself back in 1942, understand how fearful you were with your country at war, your way of life threatened, with the outcome seriously in doubt, and see the movie through 1942 eyes - things make a whole lot more sense.

Stalag 17 was on Turner Classic Movies last night. Loved it all over again.

DOH! Another good one just popped into my head. They Were Expendable. It's about the PT boats operating in the Phillipines in the first days of the war. Some great (if slightly inaccurate) action shots of those beautiful 80 ft. Higgins boats speeding through the water on the attack, and under attack. John Wayne and Robert Montgomery.

The inaccuracy - Most WWII PT boat attacks were stealthy attacks. They would lay in wait, idling quietly, and creep in slowly to launch their fish. That's what JFK was doing with PT109 when he got run over by the Amagiri.

If you think about it, how smart would it be to run your 80 ft. wooden boat, at full speed, straight at a much larger, armored vessel that is armed to the teeth. Nonetheless, the shots of those beauties flashing through the water are a joy to see.

"People generally quarrel because they cannot argue." - G. K. Chesterton