I'm using the pre outs for SEVEN channels FROM my Denon 3808 to my external EMOTIVA AMP (2). SQ is so dynamic and lots headroom. I will never go back to AVR. The best sound I was missing from my Axiom speakers for a year until I was introduce to me from this forum. The reason I did upgrade was that Denon can not bring out the best of these AXIOM speakers. With external amp,I can hear the musical instrument details and the punch of those Axiom mid-bass sound so good which I was looking for in these AXIOM speakers. But, I would like to share some issue I ran into with EMO amp and my M80V2. Right now I am stucked with the so call distortion and clipping issue with EMOTIVA amp (XPA 2). Believe me with the external amp it's sound very good, but but be careful with external amp make sure it is a 2 ohm stable amp if you are pairing with M80v2. This Issue-DISTORTION AND CLIPPING WHEN EVER I PUSH the volume up. It is not that loud, just when I play above my listen level for demo to friends with heavy rap/pop music. Some how some where the M80v2 impedence dipped below 2ohm. Other than that it sound very good with external amp. I am kinda disappointed with my M80v2. I thought m80s are suppose to be an efficient 4 ohm speaker/easy speaker to drive . O well. I am returning my Emotiva XPA 2 next week from the 30 days in home trial period. Plus,I tried Outlaw amps and Adcom, EMOTIVA amp sound better and cheaper. If you have other Axiom speakers besides the M80 your be fine with any external amp.

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7.2-M80V2, QS8, VP150, M22, REAL SUB.DENON3808.EMOTIVA AMP(XPA-2 AND XPA-5)EMOTIVA erc-1 and ps3.