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This can be installed in existing furniture at certain locations. I don't think the place closest to me offers that service, though.

The have a platform on which you can place your furniture, or the motion system can be integrated into it.

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I'm going to have to read more, too, since I don't know if it has to be coded onto the disc. You'd think they'd allow downloadable files for added value, and considering how extensive the list is on their site, you'd think a lot of those were added after the fact.

There are some discs which have the "Motion Codes" included on them. But even those have to be placed into an DVD/BD drive in the Motion Controller, and integrated with the database stored there. Older Motion Controllers didn't have BD drives at all, and it's still an option in the newer models. The Motion Controller also has an Ethernet interface which it can use to download Codes from the Internet. Codes are added daily, and are usually available at the time of a disc's release. On purchase users get a 1 year subscription to the Code updates, it has to be renewed (by 1 or 4 years) after that.

The way it knows which disc you're currently playing is by watching the Dolby Digital or DTS bitstream from an optical connection. It has to be doing some fancy DB work, because it often takes only 5 seconds to synchronize with any part of a film. It's probably not a big deal to hook up a DVD player, just use it's optical out. But on Blu-ray, many players don't have the optical out active when using HDMI for audio, or don't provide the core bitstream, but down-mixed 2-channel PCM (which the Motion Controller won't recognize). So DVD is pretty much flawless, but BD support can present problems depending on your hardware.

I keep reading up on the system, only to once again see the price, and stop.

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