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I don't own an sms-1 anymore, as following Ian's and Dr Toole's recomendations about placing multiple subs around the room correctly, and having room treatments gave me great results, with no EQ.

Under the assumption that room treatment will be beneficial rather than making more issues (or different issues), and most importantly, that the optimal placement is in an aesthetically acceptable location.

If we were to do something like this in our media room, equalization is likely the only option we have. I'm still trying to figure if there is any way to squeeze a second sub into the room but that won't happen until we move our cd/dvd collection into a different wall storage unit and can shift the media tower from the left hand side wall to the right hand side wall of the same corner to accommodate another sub.
The only other option for moving the subs would be to the rear of the room next to the seating area but we would lose the endtables space.
Not a good thing.

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