Well if you’re planning mostly easy listening and light classical and can either make or buy some inexpensive stands locally then I would get either the M22s or M3s. IMO the M22s are price for performance the best speaker Axiom makes and combined with a good subwoofer will get you to 95% of what the M80s sound like. You won’t get deep bass but based on your listening preferences I don’t think you’ll need it. The M3s on the other hand are designed to be used w/o a subwoofer (though they can be) having a bit of a hump in the bass to give the feel of deeper bass extension than they really have.

Since space is an issue you might also consider the new on-wall versions but I’m not sure how well they would do in the bass department if you don’t also have a subwoofer.

Even if you don’t plan on getting a subwoofer I would give the M22s or M3s a try. Should you decide that they don’t have enough bass then if you’re within the 30 day trial period you could upgrade to the M60s and Axiom will as far as I know pay for the return shipping. I certainly wouldn’t go as high as the M80s unless you plan to move to a much larger room and listen very loud.

Also by going with the M22 or M3 mains you could assuming you can work out your wiring issue put together a nice set of home theater speakers for under $900 USD by using the factory outlet. A pair of M22s for your mains, a M2 for the center and a pair of QS4s for $895 USD, or get 3 M3s for the front and 2 QS4s for $791 USD.

Play around with the factory outlet and put together other combinations to see what you might want. For example you could upgrade the center above from an M2 to an M22 and have 3 matching front speakers which is considered ideal though certainly not necessary. By going the factory outlet route you get 10% off and if you get 5 items an additional 5% off.

Unless making or getting some inexpensive stands locally isn’t possible or you plan on doing a lot of 2 channel music listening that need solid bass I would skip getting tower speakers. If you do go with tower speakers I would only go as high as the M60s.

Should you later find you want more of the home theater experience you can always add a subwoofer or even a Buttkicker (or other tactile transducer). They attach to your furniture and shake it directly so it doesn’t go through the walls/floor. I bought one for my apartment and it works great but I only use it for movies as I don’t find it was necessary for music.
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