I had a similar experience with AVU. Their bread and butter is Paradigm so that's what they try to push...nothing wrong with that, as they are a fine speaker, it's just that you can get a "similarly good" set up from Axiom for less money. Many of these dealers are threatened by internet direct(ID) companies because it removes the middle man(them). I auditioned the Monitor 7's, 9's, and 11's as well as the Studio 100's...to me, the 7's were very lacking compared to the others, kind of thin sounding with little bass. The 11's and Studios were nice but the cost of them(Studios) was around what I wanted to pay for ALL my speakers. I found the Axioms and Paradigm Studios to sound quite similar....detail, imagery, bass.

I believe you'll be happy with either set-up, M60's/no sub or M22/with sub. Although you emphasized "TV", when you hear these speakers, I'm confident you'll start growing your music collection in rapid succession.

Reg set-up...the guys here are great, they helped myself set-up my system just as they have with many others. Heck, if you buy a Denon, these guys will be your best friends(unlike the Denon Manual)
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